How often do you re-stock?

We regularly re-stock our products every 2-4 months. We never want you to be out of your favorites, so If you really love a product, let us know and we can put a rush on it.

How can I pay?

We accept KNET, Visa and Tap payments.

Can I place an order by phone?

We’ve worked hard to ensure our website is easy to navigate and order. Unless it’s a special request, all orders must be placed online.

What products are exclusive to RSKIN?

We exclusively carry Korean-beauty favorite, Mizon and RSKIN Essentials.

What are RSKIN essentials?

In the beginning, there were the essentials. Before the beauty industry became a multi-dollar business, the best skincare secrets came from our ancient history. Here at RSKIN, we embrace the old just as much as the new. We’ve taken what has been proven to work, tracing back to our roots. Our essentials serve your everyday needs, rather than your short-lived wants. Discover our essentials here.


What are your policies?

No returns, no refunds. You buy it, you keep it.


When can I expect my order?

We fulfill same day delivery on orders placed before 3PM (AST). Orders placed over the weekend will be delivered the following Sunday.

How much the cost of delivery?

For local orders, our delivery charge is 2 KD. Orders over 50 KD have free delivery.

What about international delivery?

RSKIN ships worldwide through DHL. Orders are dispatched within the next business day. For international orders, all shipments are fulfilled by DHL, which has their own pricing. The cost of shipping will be calculated by DHL.
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