Your Technology Addiction Is Ruining Your Skin

We’ve all heard the must-do’s for healthier-looking skin—remove makeup and cleanse your face before it touches your pillow, drink plenty of water, exercise, etc. We’ve become experts at taking care of our skin, but in these modern times of technological advancement, skincare can’t stop there.

Here are 3 tips to protect your skin against technology:

  1. Clean Your Phone As Often As You Wash Your Hands
    Did you know that the average phone is dirtier than a toilet seat? Yes, touching your face is bad for you, but just think of how often your face touches your phone. Talking on the phone can lead to breakouts along your cheeks and jawline. Make sure to routinely wipe down your phone with antibacterial wipes.
  2. Take Breaks From Staring At Your Phone
    Our devices emit blue light, also known as high energy visible (HEV) light. Also known as terrible for your skin. Blue light promotes stressors in the skin that cause photo-aging—aging from exposure to light. Yes, it’s a thing. Trading in sun exposure for blue light exposure is just as damaging for our skin.
  3. Look Up
    At this very moment, your head is probably bent down as you read this on your phone or laptop. This new evolutionary movement folds the skin on your neck, leading to early wrinkling. It’s so common that it’s now routinely referred to as ‘tech neck.’ Make sure you’re taking breaks from looking at screens, and be mindful about how often you’re bending your neck.

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