Skin & Tonic is an all organic brand in London, UK. Sarah, the founder, was diagnosed with endometriosis and needed products free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives, so she started making them.
“I started to make skincare for myself using simple, organic ingredients. Within no time, a persistent case of dermatitis disappeared and my skin looked, and felt, great. So why couldn’t I buy something similar to this in the shops? I couldn’t find a single product that was completely free from synthetics and preservatives, or silly-frilly names and promises. Instead, all I found was overt gender discrimination and huge amounts of excess packaging. There was nothing out there that was simple, straight-talking, organic and cool! So I decided to do something about it. I quit my career in TV and re-trained in Aromatherapy and Skincare Formulation. Skin & Tonic was born”.

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