Lola’s Apothecary began its story in the fabulous city of London, with a whimsical girl and a rose. Lola’s love for roses, fresh air, and random acts of kindness had awoken the alchemist in her, as she experimented with different potions and powders. Drawing from the age-old beauty wisdom to care for her sensitive skin, Lola was inspired to create a range of beauty wonders that would marry effective natural skincare with perfumed glamour.
Lola was soon joined by Dominic, who shared her passion of natural beauty and grace. At the heart of these captivating creations of oils, powders, and candles is a belief in wellness and a holistic approach to life.
It is this duos hope that their lovingly handmade products would not only bless one with beautiful skin, but also become a blissful part of a self care ritual that provides momentary refuge from the vivid dance of daily life.

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