Isa’s Restoratives is an organic plant-based line of skin-care that creatively blend ingredients both exotic and familiar that yield products that are luxuriant, blissful, and effective. Each concoction is formulated and handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY by Isa Brito, a native of central Brazil trained in traditional western herbalism. Prior to her formal training, Isa spent much of her childhood at her family farm in Minas Gerais where she acquired a foundational herbal education from the women that raised her. Ingredients are carefully chosen to focus on systemic therapeutic benefits. Isa threads plant energetics into the core of her formulas, stimulating the skin’s self-balancing processes to achieve a natural healthy glow. All constituent plants are sourced from organic herbal farmers to deliver the most pristine freshly dried beneficial herbs. These are promptly infused with all their properties intact, ensuring the vitality of the entire line.

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