Tinted Hydra Repair Cream

Tinted Hydra Repair Cream
17.000 د.ك.

Product code:grown_alchemist_tinted_hydra_repair_cream

● Enhances any skin tone while hydrating, nourishing, and adding a light sun-kissed glow to facial skin.
● Re-hydrates and aids in the absorption and penetration of other hydrating actives. (Camellia and Rosehip Seed Oil)
● Promotes healthy cell growth, and hydrates the skin while also healing and soothing (Aloe Vera)
● Helps increase the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture, helping prevent signs of aging. (Jojoba Oil)
● Soothes the skin and protects against free radical damage, boosting its natural protective function, inhibiting UV radiation. (Cane Sugar)
● Releases flavanoids which normalize sebum production, balance, decongest and reduce pore size. (Mayblossom)
● Contains flavonoids that detoxify and decongest the skin. (Geranium Extract)

How to Use:
1. Apply with smooth, upward and outward motions, working from the center of the face, necking décolletage.
2. Gently press in to enhance absorption and hydration.

MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Used daily, in addition to hydrating the skin it protects and provides a smooth, translucent, natural finish.

Brand Grown Alchemist

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