Celebrating Kuwait (From Home)


With Kuwait’s birthday around the corner, people are getting ready waving flags, setting off fireworks, and using their home as a canvas for patriotism. Excitement is in the air, but celebrating this year is understandably going to look a little different. In a pandemic, the most patriotic act for our country and our fellow citizens is to stay home with our nearest and dearest to protect the very country we are celebrating. Here’s 5 ways to celebrate with the delights of home:

1. Skip Big Plans A large party with many people does not always equal more fun. More people often have to play host, but when there are fewer people, everyone can pretty much fend for themselves, and we can feel like a guest and have fun at our own party.

2. Invite In The Calm Create an ambiance that makes a home feel like an intimate soiree—curate a playlist, dim the lighting, light some candles, and set up activities around your space guests can freely explore. We recommend bringing in home comforts like Wxy’s line of environmentally friendly candles and diffusers, which promise to restore your mind and body.

3. Play Dress Up After a year of lounging in sweats, there is finally a cause for celebration. Reach for that dress you bought last year but never got a chance to wear to bring some fantasy back into your home life. Freshen up your look the night before with Mizon’s Good Night White Sleeping Mask to awaken with radiant skin, and top it off with Ere Perez’ Olive Oil lipstick, a hydrating, peachy nude that says, “I’m here to party,” even when you’re not.

4. Make Memories by Recording them Free yourself of distractions and technology because no one has ever said, “Yes, I’d love to see your firework photo.” Stay in the moment with loved ones by keeping the focus on them. When fireworks go off, take it in and save it to your mental memory (it works just as well).

5. Give Back to Kuwait Kuwait’s Independence symbolizes more than a giant foam party. It’s about celebrating our freedom and everything our country has blessed us. Practice gratitude by making a list of three ways you plan to make Kuwait a better place. Whether it’s donating money or time to a social cause you care about or joining a beach clean-up—there is plenty we can give back to a country that has gifted its citizens so much.

As we remind ourselves during our national holiday of what we are celebrating, the weekend becomes more meaningful no matter how or where we celebrate. It’s easy to remember how blessed we are to live in Kuwait.

Happy Kuwait Day and stay safe,

Love from RSKIN

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